CORDET aims to combine the agility of an investment fund with the credit process discipline of a corporate bank. We have a thorough decision-making and governance process, yet are able to take decisions quickly.

Board of Directors: CORDET is overseen by its Board of Directors, which sets the overall investment objectives, policies and guidelines of the Fund. The Board has more than 200 years of collective experience leading the region’s largest banks, insurers and regulators and has c.150 years of combined non-executive Director experience.

Investment & Credit Committee: The ICC assesses and approves all CORDET investments and brings approximately +150 years of collective credit committee and underwriting experience.

Risk Committee: The RC is responsible for setting the overall risk policy and manages the risk of CORDET’s investment portfolio and operations.

Audit Committee: The AC monitors the effectiveness of accounting, financial disclosure and internal control systems as well as overseeing the audit of CORDET. 

Regulatory & Compliance Committee: The RCC is responsible for overseeing the development and effectiveness of CORDET’s regulatory and compliance processes.

Investor Council: The IC is responsible for safeguarding investor interests. CORDET and its Board consult the IC on general policies and guidelines and potential conflicts of interest.

International Advisory Council: The IAC supports the Board and the Fund on an on-going basis, particularly in relation to the European Union political environment, regulatory developments and stakeholder management.